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How to clean the printhead


My name is kostas and I got the Cannon PIXMA4000 almost for 7 years. I was keeping it in very nice conditions without hitting him or overusing him. It started showing problems with colours. I have never service him cause i hadn't any problem with him till now. But now, I need him usually for some projects and i cant have my photos well-printed. I need some help,I dont really know how to fix it. I made him all the cleanings computer offers you but i still got the same problem with his colours. Sometimes the yellow is printed light red and the black blue. Pls help me as quicklier as possible. I don't think that this is all ink fault, i think its fault of the printhead, i took him of but i dont really know if i can clean him off and how. Did anyone know more about that problem? PLease help me find out how i can fix it


Canon PIXMA iP3600