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"Upon further investigation if you check out the downloads page for your model they have placed a nice red 'X' in respect to Windows 7 support. You could try downloading the latest drivers anyway to see if that fixes any of your issues.''  Mostly the site is full of bunk. I have installed Win 7 on 5002wmi, 5240x3, AOA 110x2, AOA 150, and A0751h(before the A0751h was approved). I also am a M$ Beta Tester - Win 7. the Editions I tested and installed on above mentioned = HomePremium-Professional-Ultimate. The only one that has PROBLEMs is the Win7 Approved.(The NEW BIOS 2.1 SLIC problem (hence I had to convert the GRAPHICS down to BASIC). while the unapproved works 100%. All versions were x86 (32bit). have not tested x64 on the Acers... If I convert the A0751h back to NO SLIC BIOS the Graphics works perfect. DUH DUH this is also with 1 Unit sent back 3x to Temple. and reported a 100% PERFECT. yet customer had (sudden FREEZE problems)_FREE MEMTEST will also tell you if you have dual core or single core. or simply choose x64 to install - if allowed then you know x64 works... if not allowd the program simply TELLS you not approved. and you can select x86...