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Origineel bericht door: Dan ,


To start with contact cleaner leaves an oily residue which needs to be cleaned as it tends to effect things as you have found out here. I don't recommend contact cleaner, it was never intended for micro-electronics but for relay contacts. It also tends to collect the dust choking the system causing it to over heat. Yes, some vendors claim it works it just doesn't - Sorry!

At this point I think you'll need to take the logic board fully out and use a high grade Isopropyl alcohol 90% (reagent) dip the logic board completely. I would even recommend getting a loadable sprayer and using it to help push the oils out from under the components with the alcohol. You will need to refresh the pan a few times to make sure its fully clean.

Even after all of this I'm not sure you've really addressed all of the needed cleaning of the spilled drink from the rest of the system.

You talk about replacing the keyboard but did you replace the trackpad or did you clean it? If you hadn't lets try cleaning it and the ribbon cables. But this time carefully wash down the exposed areas with distilled water (not tap water!) using a cotton swab (Q-Tip) and then again this time with the Isopropyl alcohol.