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Origineel bericht door: Oh Tee ,


It seems like it is running in a test mode for tracking the digitizer. Turn off your tablet and then turn it on holding the power button and the volume up button. This should open the boot menu and give you the options of loading the tablet in "Recovery," "Fastboot," and "Normal."

The Recovery menu allows data backups and factory swipes. A factory reset may fix it, but it will also erase everything on your tablet. If you have a data backup, that may be another option to try and fix the problem.

Fastbook allows you to access the internal memory via and flash new image files via PC. Reflashing your image will reset the tablet to factory, as well, but it will allow you to use custom firmwares.

Normal is the normal load. Not much hiding in the name. Maybe you just need to select this option to get it up and running.

Try the different options and post your results. I want to know what happens!