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Sadly you're between a rock and a hard place presently. Apple is the only source of the needed M.2 type blade SSD drive. Apple had custom firmware on the SSD's so you can't plug in just any PCIe SSD - Sorry ;-{

OK, lets look at this a bit differently here:

Your goal is to improve the boot up and your file access. You could swap out your HD for a SSHD hybrid drive which will give you the zip you are looking for with it's SSD cache and yet give you the deep storage of a HD. Seagate makes a good one.

I should point out opening the newer thin iMac series is not easy! You need the proper tools and it does take some skill.

You may want to think what your goal is here. It maybe easier and cheaper just buying a new system with the configuration you want Vs trying to upgrading this system. After to transitioning to the new system sell your old system.