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Origineel bericht door: freddiebones ,


I have been a tech for over 40 years, and I'm telling you that overheating the laptop is NOT going to cause the solder to melt, or the joint to work. In fact, when troubleshooting a thermal problem, the opposite is true. "Cold solder" connections FAIL as the unit heats up. To isolate the problem, a freon spray is used to cool suspected areas to see if the problem disappears. So all these posts all over the forums regarding this machine that claim overheating the unit causes bad solder joints to to reconnect temporarily are WRONG ! I have no doubt that this method does sometimes get the unit to temporarily boot, but not for the reasons they claim. I do not know the reason for the original failure, nor why overheating the unit gets it to boot, but I suspect a fan issue, or some other error message being sent to the cpu that stops the start process. One of my ram cards slot is extremely loose, and the machine doesn't react differently if there is 1,2, or no ram cards installed. I will continue trying to isolate the problem, but I suggest if you want to recover data on the HDD, get an external hook up and do it right, not by frying you laptop further !