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Origineel bericht door: Drew ,


We should ALL write to CSA;

Dear CSA Worldwide,

Every year, myself and millions of others, are going through the frustration of LED Christmas light string failures . I’m sure you’ve all experienced it, half a string goes out, the other half is on . Power is received at BOTH ends , but no lights, or only half of either end .

NOBODY seems to know the reason for this , and everybody seems to experience it . It applies to EVERY manufacturer, and 2 years ago Home Depot had to ‘pull’ their ENTIRE inventory off the shelves and return them .

The various ‘forums’ offer different methods to solve this problem, but most don’t work . They also usually close with a “Don’t use my method or your house may burn down .”, disclaimer .

This puts this problem squarely in CSA’s ‘bailiwick’ .

What I, obviously, would like to see is these LED lights WORKING , CONSISTENTLY !

The recyclers, for the responsible, are getting filled up with these strings of lights, and the Landfills for the less responsible .

I think CSA should ‘pull’ their ‘Stamp of Approval’ from ALL LED light manufacturer's in ALL countries until they can make these light strings WORK consistently, and for a long time . I’d also like to see them ‘Standardized’  in types of sockets, bulbs, fuses, resistors, etc. .

These ‘Money saving’ LED lights , aren’t , because one keeps having to buy new strings every year !

Give me back the old ‘2-wire’ incandescent’s, those worked for decades , if ONE went out, you replaced that light , not the whole string ! Even the 1940’s single wire lights were easier to repair than these ridiculous 3-wire LED ones !

I believe CSA is the ONLY organization that has the ‘clout’ to do this for we consumers .

Thank you,