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They can be some simple fixes for your iPhone not picking up the sim.

1st is your  time and the date configured properly?

If not go to;



-Date and Time

-Make sure this is set properly. This normally fixes the problem.

If it doesn't you may have other more serious issues. Like a damaged SIM Card reader.

Which can most likely be damaged while putting the phone back together, if so you will have to open it up and soldered a pin back on. This can happen when you reinsert the tray and the circuit board is not seated down properly (occurring when you possibly miss a screw inside etc....) It damages the pins and damaging just one is enough.

Also as I explained it could be more serious, make sure you didn't lose the little blue inductor to the bottom left of the aerial cable.

-I suggest that if your having this issue that you take the back off with the phone still on and try to bridge the gap left where the inductor used to be by lifting up the L shaped ribbon on the bottom left hand corner. (do your best to remain ESD safe) Take a flat bladed screw driver to bridge the gap between the 2 solder points where the inductor was, this should bring back signal immediately, proving that the blue inductor was the problem. Use some solder to bridge the gap and this should restore the connection and get it to work again.

(remove the logic board to avoid damage to the dock/speaker assembly)

Over time just like most electronics solder heats up and cools down, 100s of times while your phone is in use this blue inductors solder becomes weak over time at all, and can fall off if bumped or moved.

Hope this helps!