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Origineel bericht door: Lina Kang ,


Display works but touchscreen broken LG G2


Phone information: LG G2 4G LTE VS980

I accidentally dropped my phone today and when I picked it up, it seemed as if I hammered it. I can be sure that I dropped it on the back but there was a huge crack in the upper mid section right below the speaker. I have been dropping my phone quite a lot but I had a case on it (it was a weak thin silicone case covering just the back part). Anyways, the buttons on the back worked just fine and the device was completely functional except for the touchscreen. Even the home button, back button, and the menu button on the front was part of the touchscreen as well, so the device is pretty much useless.

Overall, I dropped my phone, there was a huge crack, touch screen does not work, but the display shows up just fine.

Question: What is broken? the digitizer or the LCD?

If I replace it, would i need to buy the digitizer, the LCD, or both?

Can I replace just the parts by getting the parts from amazon? or can you suggest me where else?

Is it better to get it fixed, buy a new one, or just replace it myself?

Please reply ASAP