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hello,   i had the same problem with the GPU, at least it matched all of the known symptoms. i found a repair service on e bay ($240)and sent it off to NY with great hopes !  They returned it within two weeks. It would not boot from the SSD and only booted once from the backup sata drive. it displayed the same exact problems. I contacted the outfit and they claimed it was fully tested and burned in etc., to send it back and they would look at it. i escalated the case with e bay and that got their attention. i sent the unit back. they claimed that it was a cable leading to the display, which they ordered. after weeks of waiting and getting run around answers, they claimed that the cable did not do the trick and the it was the display, which is total bs.  they said they would remove the  cable and chip they installed and return the unit, they refunded some of the costs.  all in all i think that tad vaas, et al. are correct.  get a motherboard and drop it in and save yourself the exasperation of dealing with unknown shops.  hopefully the aftermarket boards are lead soldered, which i understand is the source of the problem, a solder change mandated by the EU to eliminate lead solder in electronics, etc.