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Origineel bericht door: Thomas Padgett ,


I'm inclined to beleive a transistor has failed, probably all 4. when you tear it down, look for the side of the logic board usually near the edge, should see 4 transistors in a group, take not of any capacitors you see that have a bulging top, as they are blown and need to be replaced. These transistors are high speed switches that when current levels are right switch the balasts on which are where the backlights get the power. It's possible the balasts are bad, it's possible a simple ribbon cable has come loose.

bottom line, look for bulged capacitors first, like a transitor failed and caused a surge which blew the caps. If thats what it is, the fix will cost you about $6 in parts, assuming your willing to desolder and test then transistors (google how to) and solder in new ones. I've fixed half a dozen monitors always the same thing