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What could cause this strange problem with replacement digitizer?


I have repaired lots of iPads and iPad Minis, but ran into a problem this week that I have never experienced. Despite the fact that I transferred the tape along the bottom of the original digitizer to the new one, as well as all the pieces of tape that go onto the home button flex, I am still seeing issues with "ghost touches" and erratic behavior of the digitizer. I even went so far as to put tape along the edge of the other three sides of the digitizer. No changes. Even when I have the digitizer connected but lifted up and completely away from the frame, it behaves erratically. I have tried three different replacement parts with the exact same results. All parts were confirmed working in a different iPad Mini. Other troubleshooting that was performed includes copious amounts of seating and reseating the digitizer connector and hard resets.

Nothing happened during the repair that makes me believe that I damaged the motherboard, but it seems to me that's the only answer. Anyone else ever experience this or have any advice?

I suppose I should mention that this is the WiFi+4G model, just in case there's something particular about that model that is causing this to happen.


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