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The correct way to eject the tray without damaging the actual tray. Take a medium paperclip and straighten it out. I prefer the paperclips with the plastic over it. Remove some plastic from the end of the paperclip. About a half an inch. Then curve the paperclip at the very end like a small hook. Remove the back of the iPhone and look between the logic board and the side of the frame. Use a flashlight and take your time. You will see the tray. Gently use the hook of the paperclip placing the hook end towards the outer frame and catch the sim tray. Use the small distance you created from the 1 to 2 millimeter length of the hook and pull it towards the frame. The first line is the frame. Peer to the left where the tray resides. You will see it. The long horizontal line refers to the paperclip. Gently catch the tray inside the gap that resides BETWEEN the frame and the mother board and gently pull right till it pops out. The middle box just represents the sim tray. Take your time, you do not want to damage the mother board. It may take you 1 to 3 tries, but you will get it.


|----|                        ------> pulling your tool this way.





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