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Origineel bericht door: Neil Wardle ,



I have been doing LOCA for quite sometime and LOCA sets if left long enough under UV light. Also LOCA and OCA are same substance just one has been preset with a machine and cut out for a phone.

I would say using LOCA can be messy if you don't know how much LOCA to use for a set size of phone and if you do enough phones you learn how much to use.

OCA only needs a vacuum chamber if you have bubbles and it is really hard to do with out bubbles.

Heat is only used to separate old glass from LCD and depending on type of phone and type of LOCA to what temp to use.

e.g  1000 1000n 2500 2500n 31000n

LCD and LED screens can tolerate different temps and some are lower than others, if its to high you damage the LCD LED screen and to low you risk breaking LCD LED....

be aware that you still have to separate the lcd led from chassis and this can break the screen if not done correctly.