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Jay Chrsityty, It is in the bottom of the assembly:"

EEVIR and VIR Assembly

Drier Desiccant Bag


The desiccant bag can be replaced on the EEVIR and VIR systems by removing the receiver shell. On CCOT systems, the entire accumulator must be replaced since it is a sealed unit.

Discharge the system as described 1. in Routine Maintenance .

2. Clean dirt from the outside of the receiver shell.

3. Remove the receiver shell attaching screws.

4. Remove the mounting bracket clamp from the mounting bracket.

5. Hold the housing and push on the lower end of the receiver to break the seal.

To install:

6. Add one ounce of new refrigerant oil and a new desiccant bag. Use new O-ring seals and coat with refrigerant oil.

7. Installation is the reverse of removal, torque the mounting screws to 7 ft. lbs.

8. Evacuate and recharge the system using the procedures in Routine Maintenance .

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