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Origineel bericht door: Gary ,


I've noticed that as well with a lot of plastic spudgers, but if you have a gentle touch and know how to manipulate the device without breaking, bending, or scarring the case the metal spudgers are your next best bet and you can even use an anti-static mat, which this site provides for easy purchase, you can avoid any concern with electro-static discharge!  If you're still keen on using a plastic spudger the only other thing I can recommend is the black plastic spudger which can be purchased here: [product|IF145-013]

A lot of techs like this tool because there is no angle at the end like the blue plastic spudgers resulting in a weak angle tip that usually does break after a few uses.  If you utilize a thin opening tool as well as the black plastic spudger, that is your safest bet.

You can find a plastic opening tool such as this: [product|IF145-101] which will provide you with another way of opening a tool avoiding the use of metal opening tools as well as a way of spreading thermal paste, scraping, whatever you can think of and is still flexible!