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If you haven't done the basic steps to speed up your computer, follow these steps:

* Go to your control panel/system configuration and locate the msconfig option or type in the search bar to locate your msconfig.  Here you can check or uncheck any programs you do not need upon startup, to find out what you need running upon startup visit this convenient website:
* Fix your registry values, you can do so with a free registry cleaning tool located at:
* Be sure all updates are recent.  you can visit
* Be sure to run a full scan with antivirus, anti spyware, adware, malware all you can really.  If you need help finding some adware/malware/spyware programs feel free to come back and ask
* Defrag your computer located in your control panel
* Fix possible drive errors by right clicking on your drives>click properties>select Tools>error checking>fix errors

If you have any further issues you may need to upgrade your RAM.  Here is an informative article regarding RAM upgrades and whether you need them or not.

Anything else just let me know :)