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Origineel bericht door: David Raymond ,


I just fixed a similar  problem  that was using a wireless keyboard the batteries were dead.

The original key board was also messed up. so I brought one of my working keyboards to the friends house and it worked just fine on the machine.

I also hooked up an exteranl drive with an operating system on it via firewire Held down the option key and when it started up it showed me the external drive I then booted with that  Opearting system which had been restored to the external drive form a different machine, Then I ran a defrag program which said the drive was 64 % fragmented.    So there was more than one problem  wrong. I defragged the drive using drive genius and replaced the batteries in the key board and all is well

Apple users think that defragging is not needed they are sooooo wrong about this thought.

Mac cannot defrag themselves with MAC OS  software It requires third party software