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Origineel bericht door: Attila ,


Won't turn on and logic board gets hot after power button fix


Good day everyone,

My tiny-actuator-helper disappeared from the power button and I had to remove the logic board to get to it for the fix.

Upon reinstallation of everything in the correct locations and in the correct order, I turned on the phone via connecting to power.

All was well for about 20-30 minutes, but while playing music through car stereo, the phone turned off and won't turn on anymore.  There is no sign of life in it, except for unusual heat in CPU area.

Whenever I plug it into power, it heats up right around the processor area, but I can't tell where exactly.  If I unplug the battery, the heat generation stops.  Then if I plug in the battery after it cools off, nothing heats up.  When applying power through a cord, it starts to heat up even after I remove the cord until the battery is disconnected.  I haven't tried powering up via the power button as my fix needs to set overnight.

I have no Idea what in the vicinity of the CPU could be causing the overheating or why.  Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!!!!

Kind Regards,



iPhone 4S