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This post is going to be fun, because you will find a way to do it differently than oca method.

Are you ready? Ok. The first thing is to separate the glass, the temperature should be 98 to 102 degrees. So that the glue would be easy to be taken off the lcd. Once you separate the lcd do not use any cleaning liquid. I will give you the best trick of the trade for every lcd use a new blade they are so cheap you don't have to use one blade for 2 or 3 lcd's. becareful with the borders as you have a metal frame around the glass that if you break it that lcd is finish, damaged. once you do this then use a cloth and pure acetone to finish the cleaning process. If you get strick marks is because you still have glue adhesive on the lcd clean it until you see a clean lcd. After this, separate the back light with a soldering iron on top of the cable and separate it from the lcd slowly and complete. Put it in a bag then use loca uv light for 3 minutes you don't need more than this as when is dry is dry. After this, clean the back and cables of the overflow of the loca. Do the same process as when you where cleaning the lcd as is clean then solder the cable on top and attach the backlight back in place. Test it and you are done. Congratulations. You just finish a refurbish iPhone 4 lcd. The frames are sold with glue buy them as they are easier to install. Good luck any other question write me back.