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i am looking for a way to use oca without an autoclave.

i think oca is the best way to do it but i have not experience yet, and no money to buy an autoclave of arrived my hot plate! :) i am just starting on this. i did my first i4 lcd separation today! :) (happy like a kid)

i have some ideas. my best friend does work with fiberglass on sail boats and uses some kind of vacuum bags + vacuum pump to take bubbles out. he is going to help me,  next week/days ill tell all of you how the experiment is going.

Mrandes you are just great! i will probabably email you to ask you, thanks for your comment, very very helpfull for me. thanks man. i still have many questions like

how many degrees for heating the oca and preassure are needed?

is it heating the way to cure oca glue? or does it need uv light after?

will work with a proffesional vacuum pump?(only near 1atm presure, autoclave makes more yes?).

Can i use a vacuum pump and a special vacuum bag like my friend says,

staying inside the bag on the hot plate lets say at 75C. degrees? my friend says that the bag is heat resistant. that would do preassure and heat for oca working right? could it work?

that is what i am about to try this week end, using a broken lcd of course... :)

let see... im sure we can find a way to do it.. ;)

have fun!