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Origineel bericht door: Sophie ,


hey, i dropped my phone in the toilet, took it apart, left it in rice for a week, and ordered a new battery as i got the red light of death or whatever. it worked fine for the day, but suddenly crashed this evening and wont turn on, no lights, nothing. i took out the battery, and plugged it in, fortunately i got one light, but just the one, nothing more...i'm referring to it as the red light of hope...waiting on some isopropyl alcohol to clean all the connections etc (took the mother board out and noticed some severe corrosion inside...i'm hoping that the alcohol can fix it, if not, i'm just going to have to give up on these photos). moral of the story: TAKE THE PHONE APART COMPLETELY and leave it in rice before attempting to turn it on. make sure it is not corroded/damaged/still damp before turning it back on with a new battery, as this can ruin it completely.