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Origineel bericht door: skyethespy ,


First recheck the connection.I had it happen too.It is most likely because the lcd connector in either on bad or is ripped.When you move it it causes it to have distortion.I tried before but the screen I got sucked.I broke the speaker wires and the whole thing was destroyed.I think some screens are bad.Read reviews on them first,then buy.

I really had the problem a few months ago.I moved the lcd cable ( the thick one on the top next to FaceTime camera) try moving that if the soft reset does not work. The soft reset is holding the home button and power button down together for 10 seconds roughly.Let me know and I will gladly help you out.Good luck.

Note ( be careful.If it is an ipod you like you should send it somewhere cheap to be fixed otherwise it could be destroyed.) luck