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Origineel bericht door: Brody Goodwine ,


Same issue here.  I replaced both my wife's and my batteries on our iPhone5's.

Mine was running iOS6 and the replacement was issue-free.

Hers was iOS7 and I used the cheap ~$7 amazon batteries for both.

- First it seemed to brick her screen, which still doesn't work.

- Replaced screen with one from backup iPhone5, now screen worked.

- Went ahead and did power button replacement (big surgery of course) and then noticed this battery issue.

- Phone was at 94% when done, worked fine, but she drained it and no charger combo here would work.  3+ cables, both OEM and generic, used in wall plugs, Macbook Pro/HP Laptop, etc.  No combo will charge.  It recognizes being plugged in and gives the "plug in" symbol which always goes away when I plug it in, but the battery does not charge any....It's not a cable connection issue.

- It doesn't appear to be a battery-specific issue, since I've swapped back and forth between OEM and new aftermarket.

- Anyone have an idea?  Seems like an odd mix of iOS7 and any major phone work precipitates this, since most above have had the logic board out at some point.  HELP!!