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Origineel bericht door: Chris ,


I'm having a similar issue that I'm not seeing stated exactly here.  I have 4 connected strings of 50 LED lights that have worked for the last 2 years.  After pre-testing and hanging all 4 strings initially worked.  However, after an ice storm I noticed that the 2 last strings were out.  When looking more closely, the bulbs were actually on but extremely dim.  I replaced the fuses on string 3 (the first string with dim lights) and this did not solve the problem.  I then ran an extension cord, disconnected string 3 from string 2, and plugged string 3 into the extension cord.  Upon doing this, string 1 & 2 remained lit while now string 3 & 4 also lit fully.  When looking at the female end of string 2 (where string 3 plugs in) there are no fuses like on the male end.  In fact, the end seems completely incased.  Also, these 2 connecters were covered together with electrical tape which should have been a water tight seal.

Any idea what my issue is?