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Origineel bericht door: David ,


Anyone from Canada on this discussion?  I have the front half of two LED strings out but up here we have no fuses or fusible links and the LEDs are not replaceable and the plug is polarized. Looks like the trash for these lights. What the heck is the point of having LEDs that save electricity and are supposed to last 250,000 hours if you can't even get them through 1000 hours? And they are not cheap.  They are 2 or 3 times the old incandescants which were a pain when a bulb went out but at least they could be fixed if you took the time. Any ideas before I head out to Canadian Tire?

Odd thing is there are two wires at front end then it goes to three on first bulb so those wires must be good.  There's .008 A on them and of course 0 on the third that comes out of the first bulb. And 120 V at the plug at the end.  I had a third string with half out but jiggling the wires got the bad half back.