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Partial answer, and a problem.

No. For me, after changing my battery, my sound slide, side volume buttons, volume icon, and default sounds all stopped working. I restored settings. Nothing. I worked to clean the charging base, and as I touched the left upper side of it inside the phone, suddenly my slide bar started to return to various applications. As I worked to gently press the charging bar, the volume slide stayed and remained stable. Partial success. When in settings, sounds, "change with buttons", as I pressed with a plastic tool on the charging bar, the volume icon (showing the bell, and the incremental volume slide), momentarily appeared (almost success, but I'm clearly on the right trail, unless this is two separate problem, i.e. buttons and sounds not functioning as they did pre battery change), and then faded out. I also tried to clean both the headphone and charging area with alcohol and compressed air. It helped a bit. I feel the charging bar may have some dirt on it, but so far no luck with the buttons or vulpine icon. I do have sound, but not default system sounds (though when pressed in settings, sound, they all function), and the mute and volume buttons, (fully functional, all, until changing the battery, all fail to function. I've taken the batter out and then replaced it (when new and wet.... with complete success. I'm SO frustrated. I've wasted hours attempting to restore these functions. The accessibility control is useful for sound, but is cumbersome and blocks one of the main controls in YouTube.