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I would say remove any form of power  main or battery

Turn laptop back over onto side fluid entered so can run back on itself  and exit

If you are confident remove ram covers Ram some HD and CD/DVD drives can also be removed usually with 1 or 2 screws  dab dry if needed before fluid dries  as may become hard or sticky Spraying with an electronic contact cleaner or alcohol based to stop corrosion later .

Leave to dry for some days maybe in  airing cupboard  someware dry not hot .

When powering back up leave all items above removed were just looking to see if it powers up think battery might be best first option as lower power level and AC rather than hitting it with DC higher power level.

Then power down add ram boot up again power down add CD/DVD boot again Now was thinking might be worth running live Linux disc before adding hard drive to test USB sound  and anything else you can think of  Not sure if it would just be wasting time or a good way of testing before adding hard drive Before this step might be worth connecting HD to adapter  with other pc and copy just in case.