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Origineel bericht door: dr ing ernesto cuadra ,


please follow this steps and fix it.

God bless you

traighten a paper clip and push one end into the small hole at the top of the iPhone. This pops out the SIM card holder. Remove the SIM card. Push the SIM card holder closed.


Remove the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone with a small Phillips screwdriver.


Look for the seam between the body of the iPhone and the screen. This is found just above the "Home" button. Insert the pry tool in the seam and pry the screen up from the body to expose the connectors. Do not remove it all the way.


Remove the two connector wires with the pry tool. Flip the white latch up with the pry tool and remove the ribbon attached to the base.


Pull the two black strips of tape off the left and right sides of the screen with tweezers.


Remove the five screws holding the LCD assembly to the screen frame of the iPhone. Use the small Phillips screwdriver.


Insert the pry tool between the screen frame and the LCD assembly. Pop the screen frame up and pull it away from the LCD assembly.


Insert the edge of a utility knife between the screen and screen frame. Pop the cracked screen out of the frame. Remove leftover adhesive on the screen frame with rubbing alcohol and a cloth.


Attach the new adhesive strips that come with the replacement screen to the top and bottom of the screen frame. Press the new iPhone screen into place.


Reassemble the screen frame to the LCD assembly. Attach the LCD assembly back to the body of the iPhone.


Reconnect the connectors, and close the iPhone. Screw the two screws back into the bottom with the small Phillips head screwdriver.


Insert the end of the paperclip into the hole at the top of the iPhone. Pop out the SIM card holder. Replace the SIM card and close the holder.