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Origineel bericht door: Jamesfilms ,


I have a repair shop where I fix the iPhones and galaxy phones as well. I also do micro soldering as well. I have a machine that helps me seperate the glass and lcd on my broken screens. The hardest part is not getting loca glue to run in between the layers of the lcd. I have a mould that I place the iPhone 4/4s lcd in, then I place a small amount of loca adhesive in the center of the lcd, then gently lay the glass on it slowly so no bubbles form. If bubbles form I lift it up and pop them with tweezers or a toothpick, then try again. Once succesful I put under a uv lamp for about 15 min. I have a real problem with that glue slipping into the lcd. I am going to try and tape the edges of the lcd with kapton tape so any loca spillage falls away from the lcd and not in it. Then when it dries I just pull them off.