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Origineel bericht door: mac605 ,


Call from another office: "Macbook flooded with cup of coffee! Help!". "Remove battery, put some paper towels on keyboard, turn it upside down, send it to me".

It was really flooded, even HD was covered with coffee, of course HD containing VeryImportantDataNeededASAP. I removed logic board from HD and washed it in denatured alcohol, dried, reassembled, and it worked.

Macbook warranty was over, so I decided that I have nothing to loose. I took another Macbook, went to and started disassembling it completly - I washed keyboard and logic board in denatured alcohol too, lefr it for weekend to dry, then reassembled it. 

It worked like charm, I was pretty surprised :)

and then accidentally I spilled denaturated alcohol on another Macbook, that forced me to dissasembly it too (thx ifixit again) and learned me a lesson: ALWAYS SEAL THE BOTTLE!!!