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Origineel bericht door: Robert ,


Amazing, it worked on model A1314. Removed batteries, removed the middle plastic piece using lineman pliers to flex it, removed single screw, released the keyboard cable by carefully pushing up the two plastic pieces. Then all of the electronics come out of the tube from the switch end. Removed the glued plastic bottom cover, just pried it up with a couple of screwdrivers and then pulled it off.

Washed it in dishwasher. Put on fence in sun, was dry by end of day. Reassembled, but one key would still not work. Repeated disassembly and put through dishwasher a second time.

Now it works. This note is being typed from this repaired keyboard. Has worked OK now for a week.

I thought it was worth a try since it was otherwise rendered useless from a spilled soda.