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Origineel bericht door: Aaron ,


I encountered the somewhat same problem with my ps3 only after 10 to 20 minutes of operating time the fan would go into high blow mode sounding like a jet engine.  Proceeded to feel the air at the back of console and the temperature was very warm.  I then unplugged all cords and used compressed air from my air compressor with 2/16 inch rubber nozzle on air gun and began flushing all dust from every angle and every open port including taking off the sanp hard drive door also.  Continued flushing with compressed air for about 10 to 15 minutes until no more dust debris came out.  Plugged all cords in and turned on waited for the fan to kick into high and didn't also temperature of air coming from the back of console seemed alot cooler also.  Sidenote using compressed air in can might damage componets by coating essential components with frozen nitrogen hindering porcesses and doing permanent damage.