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Origineel bericht door: Steven ,


I brought a Little Big Disk 1TB Thunderbolt(LBD) and installed 2 128GB SSD(crucial M4 - $106 each) and have my OS on that.  I also use the Pegasus R4 for my workflow files.  I have tried the SSD's in the pegasus and while fast my boot times were still around 45 seconds.  I get 15 seconds with the OS on the SSD's via the Thunderbolt LBD.  I didn't go with the LBD SSD stock option because of the speeds.  Using my own SSD's in the 1TB LBD got me faster speeds.

LBD 2-128GB SSD is 409/598 write/read

Pegasus R4 4-1TB in raid 0 for 4TB 560/452 write/read

Pegasus R4 2-2TB in raid 0 for 2TB 380/235 write/read

LBD 1TB stock 213/224

LBD SSD stock 333/475