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Origineel bericht door: rdklinc ,


Why not remove the battery and see if it still freezes?  I don't think I've ever known a battery to cause a computer to freeze, but if you want to rule it out, removing it from the computer seems like the obvious step.

If you have verified that it still freezes using multiple hard drives that have totally separate OS installs (i.e. not clones of the same system), then you have confirmed the HD is not the issue.  It's important that the different drives have different installs of the OS, and preferably a fresh install, because if you're putting the same clone of the OS on all the drives, you could potentially be spreading the same software issue across all the drives.

If it's not the hard drive (which I doubt it is) and it's not the battery (which I doubt it is), you're likely looking at a bad board.  When you say it's forcing you to shut down, are you getting kernel panics, i.e. a black box with text in the middle of the screen?