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Causes for Mac's to freeze: '''#1 a corrupt master directory block, or a failing HD. ''' ''#2 a corrupt file or preference. If you experience freezing when performing a certain task - delete the .plist file for the application(s) running. ''Corrupt FONTS are often a cause of freezing. #3 not enough Memory. On a Mac remember some applications continue to "run" with all windows closed leading window convert users to try to run too many programs at one time - hence the Mac "throbbers" or little dots under open (running) applications on the task bar reminding the user the app has not quit. Related to this is an almost full HD - ('''VRAM is stored on the HD - if there is not at least 20% free space on your HD it's too full!''') e.g. a 500GB HD needs to always have 10GB free space.  #4 Other hardware issues - bad RAM, a failing component, dry or loose thermal paste, overheating from dust inside the computer, a loose cable.

So, ''could it be your battery?'' '''YES -but''' I would ''ensure that''' all software updates are done, there's enough RAM/free space, that any apps you are using are in the most stable version''', That your HD is known to be good ''(run AHT 2 or 3xs) often the first run of AHT may not disclose a problem. '''Look at your crash log.'''

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