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Origineel bericht door: Dan ,


There are a few things here I would try:

Have you installed a battery monitoring software program like [|Battery Health] so you can watch things more closely?

Make sure you have updated all of your applications and Flash player which have issues running hot and locking things up.

Your comment on the SSD being better after you reinstalled it does offer a possible clue here. Do you have a fairly full SSD? if so you could be running into a know issue with SSD's unable to find enough free space. Try clearing off some of your un-needed files to make more free space. You may want to upgrade your SSD to a larger size if you can.

Try re-setting the SMC heres how [|Resetting the SMC]

Lastly, does your system freeze up when its on the charger or only when its on battery alone?

Give these actions a try and let us know what happens.