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So, I just want to get this straight as I'm going to attempt this with my macbook a1342 logic board.

It's been unplugged for about a week and I'll remove the battery day of disassembly (how does one discharge capacitors manually or will I not need to according to what Bernie said?).

I have 99% Isopropyl Alcohol that I plan on giving the logic board a bath in.  Is it recommended that I rinse it with distilled water AFTER the isop bath?  Or is this step not necessary?  I don't have a hairdryer so would leaving it under a lamp (or just on its own for a day or two) be sufficient to dry it (and compressed air for the hard to reach places)?

I'm hoping this will fix my logic board.  Isop Alcohol/distilled water and patience are much cheaper than a new logic board so I appreciate any advice!