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Origineel bericht door: Rishabh Kirti ,


Hey guys. I had to share my experience of liquid spill on my macbook air and in my case it was milk. My gf accidentally spilt a full glass of milk all over my keyboard. I panicked right away(which is the worst thing to do) and got a cloth and the first thing i did was inverted my MBA like an inverted V and tried cleaning it. I took it to the  Mac Store in order to get it cleaned right away so that damage to vital parts could be avoided and she said liquid spills are not covered. My heart was crying out as she said that chances of it switching back on are remote as when the spill happened my mac was on. But to god's grace I write this from my mac itself. So here are the steps I suggest immediately after the spill :

1) Invert the MBA like an inverted V and wipe it with a cloth in order to let all the liquid spill down onto the floor. (Do not Panic, work with ease as its already happened and the best thing is to make sure it works fine now,)

2) open the back case with a screw driver and disconnect the battery no need to remove it just disconnect it from the power source on the motherboard itself. Look for liquid spots in case of milk/soda/wine or look for water in case of water spill.

3) Take a cotton bud and wipe out all the liquid. (Do not use your bare hands to touch any part as each and every part is very delicate. Use cotton buds). Then use Denatured alcohol or thinner to remove the sticky drops in case of wine/soda/milk or any sweet drink. Dip the cotton buds in the thinner/denatured alcohol and clean the parts where you see a stain. If its a liquid spill like water you dont need to use denatured alcohol.

4) after cleaning the mac, take a sack of rice about 5 kgs and put in your mac there. Rice helps remove all the moisture from the parts

5) leave it like that for a day or two. In my case i left it for 2 days

6) Remove the mac from the sack of rise and use a soft bristled brush to clean the rice grains stuck in delicate parts. Be very cautious and patient. This takes time, but you are going to be more than ready for that coz its ur MAC.

7) Put your mac directly under a bright light source like a bulb and leave it there with the back exposed to the light, for 1 day.

8) take ur mac,join the battery to power source again on the mother board and join the back cover on.

9) Do NOT try to switch it on directly. Plug your Charger into the MBA and then try switching it on.

10) It worked..:D The JOY, limitless. The only issue I am facing is that keys are a little sticky and not elastic like before, but there are tons of videos online to clean your macbook.

11) CHEERS and hope this helps you. Do not panick. Jus follow the steps. And hopefully its gonna work.